Language Arts

We are working on RAFT Dust Bowl projects in Periods 1,2, and 5

This week students are researching websites and beginning their writing. This project is due on June 4th/

Book Project due June 14th

Name ____________________ Date_____________

Due date: June 14th

Directions: You will present a book project to your class that includes the following:

  1. Title/ Author’s name

  2. Characters- Be sure to explain the protagonist. What are this characters attributes? How do you know this character is the protagonist? Who are the other important characters? Why are these characters important to the story?

  3. Setting - Where and When does the story take place?

  4. What is the major conflict in the story?

  5. What themes and thematic messages are discussed?

  6. What is your favorite part of the story?

  7. Who would like reading this?

You may create a poster, a powerpoint presentation, a prezi, or another idea that you must share with me. We will work on this in class, but you will need to do some work at home to be sure this project is done.


You must choose a book by May 29th

As you are reading each day write down information that will help you with this project. You may want to have  character pages in your sketchbook where you can add information as you find it.

Add information about the conflict in the story - keep a timeline

If a character presents as A Word of the Wiser - Think about the theme and message they share.

Use the sign posts to guide your reading.

You should decide the format for this project by June 5th

Finish the rough draft by June 8th

We will spend each day June, 11, 12, 13 putting the final draft together in class. You must have your project completed to present on June 14th.

Students in period 3 are using The Collections program. They are reading and discussing myths.