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Language Arts: Mrs. Conrad
Math: Miss Towle
Science: Ms. Manha
Social Studies: Mr. DiBello

Federal Aid Forms - due before 9/15


Homework  9/18/17
LA: study for quiz - Thurs

SS: vocab cards - Tues 9/19
Sci: finish graphing practice packet

Math: Per 1 &4 -test tomorrow, per 3 - reflection, per 6 6.4 packet (odds)

Homework  9/15/17
LA: work 20 mins on 4 square

SS: vocab cards - Mon 9/18, Two paragraph reflection - due 9/19
Sci: none

Math: Per 1 - reflection, Per 3 - finish packet

Homework  9/14/17
LA: complete back Lit terms worksheet

SS: Atlas work 
Sci: Study for Tools of Science Quiz - Fri 9/15

Math: Per 3 & 6 - refection question

Homework  9/11/17
LA: Define vocab using glossary from class

SS: work on project - due 9/14
Sci: none

Math: refection question

Homework  9/7/17
LA: finish Scavenger Hunt - due tomorrow 9/8

SS: work on project
Sci: safety comic/story - due 9/8

Math: Study for quiz

Homework  9/6/17
LA: fill page of writing using your heart

SS: electronic devices for research
Sci: safety comic/story - due 9/8, sign safety contract - due 9/7

Math: reflection question

Homework  9/5/17
LA: two metaphor sentences for team work; two simile sentences for 7th grade

SS: electronic devices for research
Sci: class guidelines signed

Math: reflection question