7 Stark

Welcome to 7 Stark!  

Science: Mrs. Kidd
Math:  Mrs. Jacobs
Language Arts:  Mrs. Nevins
Social Studies:  Mr. Tenuta


Tuesday, September 19, 2017 (Day 1)
Math - P1 & P6, one reflection question, test on Thursday; P3 one computation entry, WS 6.3 #13 &15; P4 no HW
Science - finish graphs
Language Arts - Join Google Classroom; "Where I'm From," poem (Final Draft) due on Thursday, 9/21.  Two copies please.
Social Studies - work on Geography of Me project.  
It's due on Friday.

Monday, September 18, 2017 (Day 6)
Math - Period 1 worksheet 6.4 through #14; Periods 3 & 4, one reflection question; Period 6, finish worksheet 6.3
Science - finish graph note packet
Language Arts - Join Google Classroom by Wednesday.  
FINAL draft of "Where I'm From," poem due on Thursday, 9/21.  Please print out two copies. 
Social Studies - work on Geography of Me project  

Reminders - School Picture Day on Wednesday!
PTA Fundraiser is going on now.  Orders are due 9/25.
The first 7th/8th grade dance is this Friday!  Get your tickets during school lunch.