High School Transition

March 9, 2016
Wow!  That went fast!  All students have received their course selection sheets and all students have had a time to sit with their team and discuss how to fill them out.
Course selection sheets are due by Thursday, March 17th!
If students have an IEP, they will be having a High School Transition Meeting before those sheets are due.  So, if you have questions or concerns, bring those sheets with you to the meeting and we will help you fill them out.
One note....if students would like to have a study hall all year (helpful for most freshmen) they should only choose 7 credits!
Contact me, your child's team, or Mrs Meffen in Guidance if you have any questions!

8/20/2015:  I know we have JUST begun the 8th grade year, but the High School Transition process always sneaks up on me.  We usually begin the discussion around January, but check back here for updates and info.  Check the "Useful Links" tab for access to this (2015-16) Freshman Course Selection to get an idea about what is available.  A 2016-2017 copy will be posted as soon as it becomes available.