Science Notes

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How to Write a Lab Report


(Center the title.)


“The Effect of (Independent Variable) on the (Dependent Variable)”

(Skip a space.)



            Purpose: (Put the Problem here; that is your Purpose.)

Hypothesis:  (Your educated guess; If…then and WHY you think it will happen this way.)

(Skip a space.)


Experimental Design:

            IV: (What you changed or manipulated while doing the inquiry)

DV:  (This happened (response) because of what you did for the Independent Variable.)

Controls/Constants(Write a list of everything that stayed the same in the inquiry.)

(Skip a space.)



                  List materials, including quantities

(Skip a space.)


Procedure: (choose one.)

  1. )See page # ____. Prentice Hall, Science Explorer Physical Science
  2. )Refer to teacher’s notes or worksheet.
  3. )List step by step directions. (Do in list form)

 (Skip a space.)



Results: (Put your data table, graph and/or diagram here.  If you are stapling it, write, “See Attached” here with Results and be sure to staple it as the last page of your report.












(Skip a space.)



Conclusion: (The following is just an example of what to include. Your teacher may require additional information.)


As I interpret my data, my major findings were…. I compared my findings with ….  His/her data also supported (or does not) my major findings, as their data states, …  These findings are supported in our textbook on page #..., where it states, “….”

I believe that my results occurred because …

We might have made errors because….  I recommend that we could improve this lab by….

 A practical use of this investigation is …

This lab leaves me thinking, what might happen if we…